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Illico, your corporate health partner!
We organise for you: ·

Security, corporate and individual wellness days
(Day for Safety and Health in the company and individual well-being)

We offer you a day of discovery totally dedicated to corporate safety and health as well as personal wellness.Your collaborators and employees experience a number of workshops of 30, 45 or 50 minutes on topics which you deem appropriate, for instance: safety, stress, nutrition, relaxation techniques, short back massage, feet massage, yoga, colour therapy...This discovery day can take place in your premises or in an outside location.In this entertaining way, your staff gains information, knowledge and skills, which can immediately be applied in their daily life. A pleasant journey to convey important information and increase personal awareness and corporate cohesion. ·

Stress management seminars and courses

The harmful effects of stress on individual health and working efficiency also affect the corporate performance. But stress is not an unavoidable fate. Simple means allow us to protect ourselves and to rid ourselves of the suffered effects, in short, to stay happy! We offer courses of 50 minutes or seminars of one or more days which we can adjust according to your expectations. It’s easy to learn, pleasant… and fun! ·

Laughter seminars and courses

Laughing drives away many physical and psychic tensions and stimulates the cerebral activity. Because of our frantic life, we often loose practice in letting us go to laughing. So it is urgent to learn it again! If laughing relaxes the individual person, laughing together reinforces the relations within a team. It brings better cohesion and therefore increased efficiency. So don’t hesitate, come and learn again how to laugh with us.



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